Styling a room or home is about more than populating it with beautiful furniture; it’s an artistic process that balances colour, lighting and space without forgoing the importance of functionality. Through Can Guiri’s Interior Styling Service, Natasha works closely with clients to create their dream space, stepping in as much or as little as required. Can Guiri's Styling solutions are available for residential and commercial venues as well as real estate properties and vacation rentals.

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E -


With no geographical boundaries, Can Guiri's E-design service is a more flexible decorating solution. This convenient service provides clients with a step by step master plan on how to execute a professionally designed space without the cost or commitment of a traditional in-person interior design service. With all communication done by virtual means – whether phone, video call or email – Can Guiri’s aesthetic is now accessible from anywhere in the world.


Product Sourcing

Hectic schedules and a lack of insider knowledge or inspiration can make purchasing that perfect piece of furniture a chore rather than the enjoyable process it should be. By enlisting Natasha’s help, clients can instead browse their own bespoke selection of products based on a simple photo reference or talk-through of their tastes and needs.




Those looking to prepare their property for sale or for rent on the real estate market turn to Can Guiri Studio for help in ensuring that first impression is a lasting and impactful one. Thanks to its universal appeal, Mediterranean Minimalism holds the potential to transform any residential or commercial canvas into a tranquil and inviting haven.